Give your spaces that accents, let our beautiful decor accessories enhances the final look of your space

Without decor accessories, homes would be bland landscapes. Accessories give spaces that accents, that personality that sets each room apart and speaks to your individual style. They are not only attractive and cool, but they often play important functional roles as well. Decorative accessories acts as conversational pieces while also enhancing the look of your space, and  these modern home decor accessories offer the final touch when it comes decorating a space.

At EA-Simmons, you’ll find products ranging from contemporary international styles, modern interpretation of classic design and the work of some independent Artists. We offer modern home decor accessories for every room and occasion, all with unique and impactful designs in mind. Modern decor for your tabletop, funky art works, vases, Wall clocks, unusual window film, and even functional modern wall hooks. We want you to be able to find the just-right product for whatever modern means in your world.