The Wonders Of A Pillow

How well did you sleep last night?
Did you toss & turn all night?
Did you wake-up with a sore neck, headache, or was your arm asleep?

Do you feel you need a nap even though
you slept for eight hours?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then I’m here to tell you that
“Your Pillow is the Problem” 

I’ve heard many people say i don’t like sleeping with a pillow it just doesn’t soothe me. And my response is and always has been.. “you haven’t found the perfect pillow for you. The pillow you rest your head on has to be flat containing soft stuffing and not puffed so your neck doesn’t hurt when you wake-up. A pillow is a wonder, and no one should actually sleep without using a pillow. You shouldn’t lay down on your bed without anything giving you support for your head and neck.

The Wonders Of A Pillow is beyond reasoning. A pillow is designed for support and comfort for the head and also relaxes you while gently soothing and massaging your head and neck.
Ever wonder why some people become so attached to their sleeping pillows that they take them along when they travel.?  That’s because they’ve found a comfortable pillow that inspires a good night’s sleep and you too can only if you lets us help you find. “your perfect pillow”

We cannot talk about finding the perfect pillow without actually talking about what makes a perfect pillow. What makes a pillow perfect is the pillow fillings/stuffing and there are many different types of pillow fillings such as the spun polyester, buckwheat, latex, among dozens of others but in our opinion, down or feather/down combination are the best.


 The Wonders Of A Pillow

Feather has a noticeable quill, down has a minuscule one. Poly-filled pillows are popular and can bunch/knot up over time. All down pillows are typically the softest fill. Feather pillow have significantly more body and weight and is generally firmer – this is of course dependent on the ounces of the filling of each type. There are also combination fills of feather & down that can provide a middle ground of firmness. A very popular pillow called a Compartments Pillow offers the best of both worlds. It is comprised of a small feather pillow in the core (providing firmness) that is then encapsulated in a larger compartment filled with down, that provides softness.

Please know that under-stuffed sleeping pillows do not provide enough support, Foam pillows are often too stiff and will not move or mold to your body curves, and memory foam pillows frequently make people feel like they are sleeping in cement. Most people sleep in different positions and a good pillow should adjusts to you regardless of your sleeping position and with each position different amounts of support is required and in different locations.

So for a good sound sleep, use a pillow and share your experiences about The Wonders Of A Pillow.

The different pillow sizes
Standard. 20″×26″
King.         20″×36″
Queen       20″×30″
Boudoir.   12″×16″


Rest assured…