Feather pillow (2pcs set)

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Feather pillow

Add feather pillows to your bedding and you may find you get better sleep than you have in years.  Comfy, breathable materials and sanitized fill are just a few of the perks to this deliciously luxurious pillow category.

This great pillow definitely puts luxury within reach. It has supportive, soft fill and it's piped for a sophisticated decorative edge and is encased in an Egyptian cotton pillowcase. per purchase.  it earned our top Great Value spot. 

Besides being amazingly comfortable and soft, feather pillows are a push back to the synthetics movement that began more than half a century ago.  According to our research, more people are opting for natural materials in their homes. Feather pillows fit that bill beautifully.

EA-Simmons Bedding doesn’t skimp on luxury.  That means ultra softness and a comforting sleep, you can sleep on your back, stomach, or side and get a great neck alignment according to verified customers.  It molds gently to your head shape and is supportive of the neck. this means a great night’s sleep in comfort.

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