Hotel Interior Decor

Hotel interior design  need to be sophisticated, provide comfort and yet be durable. They need to be suited to your client’s taste with a functionality that still conveys warmth and all of this needs to be appropriate for your location. Regardless of your budget, you need a company who provides high quality furnishings as well as project management, Hotel interior design consultation, and a company who also provides servicing.

Not Just Hotel Furnishings

EA-Simmons is one of the leading suppliers of hotel furnishings. We understand Hotel furnishings and pride ourselves on providing and servicing the Hotel industry with high quality, custom Hotel furnishings. we have worked with the industries well-known hotel brands in ccustomizationand  We value our loyal clientele and are passionate about delivering solutions of the highest standard and our clientele value our team’s dedication and flexibility. If you are not sure where to begin or you’re struggling to make your ideas a reality, our experienced staff will provide you with all the solutions. They can assist throughout your project from prototypes right through to installation and all within budget.

Keeping it Seamless

Hotel interior designs can be highly complex with numerous aspects to consider. It is vital that one works with an experienced and knowledgeable team who ensure a seamless operation. Having a dedicated hotel interior designer to advise and liaise with, creates a smooth transition from the old to the new. Our Hotel interior design solutions are unmatched as is our respect for our clientele. Our quality of service, procurement and preliminary budget analysis all work together to keep your project on track.

Our Packages Provide Clarity

When undertaking a project of this nature, you need the flexibility to choose packages and products to suit your requirements. What colour furnishings suit the particular style that your Hotel requires? What message would you like the bed linen, window treatments and furnishings to convey? Will the artwork be vintage, modern or art deco? We offer a wide  range of Hotel furnishing packages to help you with curtains and blinds, beddings and linen, artworks , wall clock, decor accessories, bed, painting and window dressings.

Services to Inspire

EA-Simmons will not only provide unique Hotel interior design solutions, we also advise future design options. The decisions you make now will ultimately affect your Hotel in the future. For inspiration, We also offer transportation of all furnishings to your Hotel as part of our service as well as installation which saves you time and stress.

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