EA-Simmons (Twilight) Multilayer Original Mattress

EA-Simmons Foam Mattress 

1. Breathable Foam Layer

Exclusive foam sleeps cool, with perfect hug, bounce and improved pressure relief for side sleepers.

2. Pressure-relieving Memory Foam Layer

Relieves back, hip and shoulder pressure and contours to your body without feeling hot.

3. High-density Foam Support layer

Incredible support and durability, for sleepers of all sizes, with zero motion transfer.

The foam mattress is made of a unique 3 layer blend of different types of foam—all serving a distinct purpose. 

The top layer is a soft and highly-breathable foam designed to contour to your body’s natural shape and promote better air flow. 

The second layer is a pressure-relieving memory foam layer that further contours to your body, but has a slightly firmer presence. 

The bottom layer is a 6 inch thick dense foam compounds designed to provide a strong sense of support while allowing the mattress to still have an overall flexible feel.

Materials & Construction

3-Layer Foam Construction

2" Cooling Foam Top Layer 

IFD: 13. DENSITY: 3.0

2" Contouring Memory Foam 


6" Core Support Foam Base 

IFD: 32. DENSITY: 1.8

Seamless Iconic Knitted Cover